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If you have a Google AdSense account or if you are looking to set up one, reaping maximum benefits from it should be your ultimate aim. You should optimize Google AdSense so that it can pay more. It may take a little longer for new websites and blogs than on already established ones with many active users.

You need to do a research so that you are able to find and use more profitable keywords so that your topic is more lucrative to your blog’s or website’s visitors. While it may seem as so enticing, it is always advisable to follow the laid down guidelines else you may get all investment down the drain.

How To Optimize Google Adsense To Make More Money-

1. Keyword – You can optimize Google AdSense by using keywords. The keywords you use will determine the kind of adverts that you will place on your pages. You should watch your use of keywords as the excessive use of it could lead to disqualification or getting banned from the Google AdSense program. You might as well lose your pay.

The keyword density is very important to optimize google adsense. Keyword density is usually considered as optimum between 3-4%. By using this optimum keyword density, you improve your search engine visibility as well as maximizing your ad placement. It means that you can repeat your keyword 3-4 times for every 100 words in your page content. If you use anything above this, you will be guilty of keyword stuffing.

2. Unique and Quality Content – To further optimize Google AdSense, you should ensure that your blog or website content is unique and is useful and of great importance to your visitors. Using keywords to create content that cannot be understood will most certainly do more harm than good. It will should be very valuable your readers.

3. Google AdSense ad units – Apart from creating unique content, it is important to optimize your Google AdSense ad units to get more clicks from your website’s visitors. This increases your search engine visibility and attracts best ads every time it is loaded.

4. create Ad Units and Channels – To further optimize Google AdSense, you should log into your account and click on the set up tab; you will be able to create channels that will help you monitor the profitability of the different ad units and change color on the palettes. After setting this up, you are ready to create an ad unit and have a JavaScript code generated in your page. As time goes by, you will be able to know the colors, keywords and ad placement position that works best for your site. This is all about How To Optimize Google Adsense To Earn More Money?