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Best Custom Rom for Sony Xperia Neo L – Sony Xperia Neo L is an android smartphone that comes with Android 4.0 ICS operating system. It is one of the best android phones with 1 GHz Qualcomm scorpion. The in-built operating system has to be modified to install custom ROM for Sony Xperia Neo L.

Best Custom Rom for Sony Xperia Neo L


The operating system of Xperia Neo L needs to be rooted in order to install custom ROM, Recovery and other applications.  The process of rooting the OS allows the devices to perform better in terms of speed, battery timing, and installation of many interesting applications in addition to the in-built ones. The rooting of OS also allows updating the existing OS to the newer versions available in the market, just like ICS of Neo L can be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean 4.1 providing additional optimization.

Advantages of custom ROM for Sony Xperia Neo L :

There are many advantages of installing Custom ROM for Sony Xperia Neo L as it can change anything and everything.

1. Install applications: By rooting up android system, many apps can be installed in the device like ChainFire3D and other boosting apps. RAM expander can be installed to increase the internal memory of the device

2. Boost up performance & speed: An application ChainFire3D can be installed that is a kind of driver communicating between graphic card and operating system. it tells the OS to work more efficiently and speedy.

Custom ROM’s for Xperia Neo L:

1. Jelly sandwich ROM:

Main features:

  • Themes
  • JelLock screen
  • Jello cybershot
  • Modded launcher
  • AROMA installer
  • Customization
  • RAM management
  • Unique Icons

2. Super jelly bean ROM:

Main features:

  • JB gaming
  • De-bloated
  • Great multitasking
  • Unmatched battery life
  • Rock stable
  • Kitkat wallpapers, fonts, UI sounds and launcher
  • Extra speedy unlike ICS

3. CyanogenMod 10

Main features:

  • Theming support
  • FLAC audio codec support
  • CPU overclocking and other performance enhancers
  • Spyware or bloatware free
  • Large APN list and an open VPN client

4. Jelly dream 4

Main features:

  • Added performance and battery tweaks
  • Very smooth and fast
  • Deodexed
  • Optimized RAM
  • Advanced system settings

Installation of Custom Rom for Sony Xperia Neo L :

Jelly sandwich is the newest custom ROM for the Xperia Neo L.

The pre-requisites for installation for Xperia Neo L are:

  • A rooted device
  • USB debugging enabled on the device
  • Mobile drivers installed on computer
  • Download the Jelly sandwich ROM file

Steps of installation:

  • Copy the Rom file to SD card
  • Reboot the device to recovery mode
  • From the recovery menu, proceed with factory reset
  • From SD card, select Install Zip and select the ROM file to be installed.
  • Select AROMA installer and then proceed with the screen instructions. This is all about Best Custom Rom for Sony Xperia Neo L.