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Bluehost is one of my favorite affiliate program because Bluehost affiliate program provides more detailed and accurate affiliate tracking system. Bluehost affiliate team, who are professional and very dedicated to provide support when needed. As we have opportunity to promote such a good web hosting platform, so I recommend Bluehost to my visitors.



Bluehost affiliate program has a great earning potential. This is among the simplest but most efficient method that one can use to attract web traffic and improve Bluehost affiliate earnings.

How Much Bluehost Affiliate Program Pay Per Sale?

Bluehost provides $65 per sign-up as a commission to its affiliates. Commission rate of Bluehost affiliate program is good.

Suppose each month you refer 20 visitors to Bluehost and each visitor does sign-up then your commission will be –

$65 x 20 = $1300. If you refer more visitor to Bluehost then your commission will be more.

In fact, in 2015 alone, Bluehost had paid over $5 million to its affiliate.

The next question comes why Bluehost pays such a good commission to its affiliate?

Suppose you have a company and your company has product named “ab12” . You have a good product but no customer. How you will sell your product and how you will make money when you do not have any customer?

You have a good product but no customer. To get a customer you will give work to your affiliates to bring customers and make brand name and in return you will pay commission to your affiliates.

Now you understand the affiliate business model and It’s a one-time payment but Bluehost will get lifelong customers.

How To Make Money from Bluehost ?

Promote Bluehost on your blog or website with custom banners and links. For every single visitor who clicks through these links and signs up, you will get $65. This you can convert your website traffic into huge sales and make money from Bluehost affiliate program.

Bluehost affiliate program sign-up is free of cost. The sign up process to start make money with Bluehost affiliate program is very simple. Now you need to update your payment preferences. In order to make money with Bluehost affiliate program with a hassle free method, paypal would be the better option.