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How Google AdSense Pays in India?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular techniques for making money by blogger. It is usually confusing for first time users despite the easy to use dashboard and the numerous help pages. Many times users will raise questions associated with account approval, sign up, optimization, account ban and many more. AdSense is a plug and play type of advertising network, but the moment one learns everything about it, it becomes easy to make a lot of money out of it.

The question that many people now ask particularly from India is How Google AdSense pays in India. Is the payment through cheque, EFT or local bank transfer?

With AdSense, different payment options exist for different countries. These include EFT transfers, Cheques, payment through Western Union Quick Cash among others. In country like India, obtaining an AdSense account is a difficult task.

How Google AdSense Pays in India –
AdSense used to only offer payments through Cheque and they convert your money into INR. This was not an issue because the conversion from USD to INR is high. The problem was the amount of time it takes before one could get their hands on their payments. In India, an Adsense Cheque takes about 10 to 15 days to reach and another few days for it to be cleared.

The Google Adsense team has been working to increase payment options in India. Finally, Indian AdSense publishers can get their payments through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). This means that AdSense publishers in India can receive their AdSense payments directly to their bank accounts. This will work smoothly for the Indian publishers.

Banking information that is needed in order to receive AdSense earnings through EFT include your bank account number, name of account holder, bank name, Indian Financial System Code (IFSC). First, Google sends small amounts in your account before sending the required amount to attest the genuineness of the details provided. These details will be used by Google AdSense to send future payments until new bank account details are provided.

How Google AdSense pays in India has been a concern for publishers in India. EFT payment is a good move by Google because payment via cheque was troublesome and very time consuming. EFT payments consume less time, approximately 5 days. They are also a secure means of payment compared to delivery of cheques.