InfoLinks Review: Make Money Online with In-Text Advertising For Blog

Infolinks is well known as a one of the best adsense alternative In-Text advertising program and does not have strict policies like Google Adsense. Infolinks is a revenue sharing In-Text advertising program. I have used Infolinks and now I will share my experience and review of Infolinks for making money online from your blog or website.

I would like to tell you that InfoLinks is not a scam website and they make the payment within the stated payout time. You can integrate and make money from both Infolinks and AdSense without issue. It is possible to have both adsense ads and InfoLinks ads on the same website or blog.

When I was stated my blog “ReviewBiz”, I was not registered to any monetization programs except Infolinks. InfoLinks setup is very easy, you need to either install InfoLinks Plugin or copy the JavaScript code from your InfoLinks account and paste it right before the closing tag at the end of your blog and then Infolinks will automatically start showing ads on your blog. You can make decent income from Infolinks but your blog should have good number of daily online visitors.


Most of the InfoLinks ad format does not require any space on your blog to display advertisements. InfoLinks ia an In-Text advertising program, so it converts the keywords from your articles into a link. When a visitor put mouse over the keyword, an advertisement is displayed and you make money. Publisher will have full control on what types of ad and color of ad can be displayed on the blog. InfoLinks bring new offers which help publishers like us make more money.

Infolinks has a PayPal, eCheck, ACH, Bank Wire Transfer and Payoneer as a payment methods. PayPal, eCheck, ACH, and Payoneer have a minimum payout threshold of $50 while the Bank Wire Transfer option has a minimum threshold requirement of $100.

Once your monthly earnings exceed the minimum payment threshold for your chosen payment method your payment will be processed and sent to you within 45 days of the end of the month.

Infolinks is fully compatible with Adsense and it has a quick approval process. You will get an email from Infolinks within 72 hours about approval or rejection of your Sign Up request. InfoLinks always works on new ideas and methods to increase publisher’s revenue. For Infolinks Sign Up, your blog should have minimum 50 to 100 online visitors on daily basis and your blog should have minimum 30 to 50 posts or articles.

Now for what you are waiting for, InfoLinks sign up is completely free of cost. Sign up and enjoy your earnings !!!


2 comments on “InfoLinks Review: Make Money Online with In-Text Advertising For Blog

  1. Shemmy Hein


    Is it possible to have adsense ads and Info links ads on the same website/blog?

    I am just getting started with sports niche, so also want to know whether Info Links is good for Sports traffic or I should try some other option?

    ~ Shemmy Hein


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