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If you are earning from YouTube Partner Program then you may be having a good fan following. So, How Much Money Can You Make from YouTube can you just calculate?

Making money off YouTube is just brand building of your business whatever it may be. Millions of people visit YouTube every day just to surf the most popular and new stuff on it. These people generate revenue for many famous individuals or businesses on this social site.

How Much Money Can You Make from YouTube?

how much money can you make from youtube
How much money can you make from youtube

The Earnings on YouTube are endless. People even earn in six figures a year. YouTube pay their members through Google advertising. But to become successful in any field you need patience which is a must in YouTube money making program. It took even months and even a year to build your brand and make it recognizable to others.

The current split up of revenue among the partners and the Google is 55-45 that is if Google sells the advertisements through its partner’s videos worth $100 then the partner will get $55 out of it. But do the partner’s earning is really in the ratio of 11:9? The answer is discussed below which is based on the statistics of earning of some of the popular faces on YouTube:

Mahalo who is a founder of popular fitness channel XHIT on YouTube has got over half a million of subscribers, but the revenue from these subscribers in not so overwhelming. This video channel has got over 33 million views in the last eighteen months but the revenue generated through in that period was around $90K which is not so encouraging.

Another Popular personality of YouTube from New York in Olga Kay, she has got millions of subscribers and creates 20 videos a week but her earnings a year are not so lucrative. She probably gets less than 50% of what her videos makes in gross revenue. She is able to generate $15000 a year after all the deductions like YouTube’s earnings, taxes, editing costs, etc.

So it’s not just signing up as a YouTube member makes you start earning money in just few days. It takes some time to start earning decently through this site. You need time, some investment and most importantly patience to build your brand on YouTube.

Just Google the words “How much money can you make from YouTube” and you’ll get the proper information on earning you can make through this site. The articles based on the revenue of the stars or celebrities or other business brands will help you get started on YouTube! This is all about how much money can you make from youtube.