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The tech community had their eyes set on HTC One M8 due to which its rooting process has been made easy. Not just easy, it turns out to be a simple one-click solution to root HTC One M8 but the process definitely has some prerequisites that are needed to be followed.

Root HTC One M8

The below points you should know before you start rooting your HTC One M8. These things are as follows:

1. Your phone’s battery should be charged. May be not 100% but upto a decent amount like 60%-80 %.

2. This method of rooting is tested for HTC One M8 only. It should not be tried on other products.

3. Make sure that you have all your important files backed up as this will always keep your phone’s data in a secure state.

4. Your computer should have all the latest HTC drivers installed to perform the rooting process properly. Without them, please do not proceed forward.

The Single Step Process

Now, there two ways to root HTC One M8 in a single step. But before you start, you need to enable the USB debugging mode which done by going to Settings and then open Development options. Now, the toolkits to root HTC One M8 are Squabbi’s HTC One M8 Toolkit and Hassoon2000’s HTC One M8 All-in-One Toolkit. Now, the steps needed to be performed in both the toolkits are:

1. Squabbi’s toolkit- Download Squabbi’s HTC One M8 Toolkit and run it. Press the yellow “ROOT” button.

2. Hassoon2000’s HTC One M8 All-in-One Toolkit- Download and run this toolkit as well. Then select “Root” and click Run.

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