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In this tutorial, I will tell you how to root Lenovo A850 ? If you follow simple steps given in this tutorial then you can root Lenovo A850 by using your mobile device. You will have full access to all aspects of the Lenovo A850 operating system and you will be able to utilize your hardware in the way that you want, including overclocking, installation root only applications, modifying system files, or upgrading to a new Android version. You should know that warranty might be void of your Lenovo A850, if you use the procedures that we will give you on this tutorial.

how to root Lenovo A850

Things to Know Before You Root Lenovo A850

This instruction will only work on Lenovo A850 and do not try this procedure on any other device, including others Lenovo products.

Before you start to Root Lenovo A850:

  • It is very important to backup all important data on your device before you start.
  • You should check that the device has more than 60% battery power.
  • You should enable USB debugging on your hardware.
  • Download required software that you will use.

How to Root Lenovo A850

  • First, you should download the framaroot application file to SD card or internal storage.
  • Enable application installation from unknown sources, you will find this option under the application settings.
  • You should navigate to the root of the SD card or other folder where framaroot application is downloaded and install it like any other application.
  • When installation ends, open the application
  • Now you should choose to install SuperSu from the menu list.
  • You will be prompted to reboot the phone. Reboot the device


You can use this guide for educational purpose only. Neither Android team nor any developers will be responsible if your Lenovo A850 will get damaged after following these instructions. You will also void manufacturer warranty for your device. Data on your hardware can be lost, so backup it first.

Facts About Lenovo A850:

Lenovo A850 is a touch bar smart phone with 5.5-inch large touch screen and powerful quad-core processor. This device has an attractive price compared with other famous brands. Like other Lenovo mobile devices, three touch keys are provided just below the screen: menu key, home key and return key from left to right. On the upper side of this phone you have a 30W pixel display and front-facing camera that is installed. It can be found for only $212.