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Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 is the mid handset; pack with outstanding functionalities, this Smart phone offers the unique combination of design and latest function. 4.3 Inches TFT, touch screen offer excellent touch experience and vibrant color display, complimented with 5 MP auto focus primary camera run on Android operating system powered by Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to root samsung galaxy core i8262 ?

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262

Although the processor power is enough to provide you smooth and fast multi tasking. But to enhance the speed you can root your device. Rooting is basically a process of getting administrative access and flashing custom rom to get more enhance performance.

Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 by following the simple steps mention in below and also consider the prerequisite to avoid any error. Before Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 you have to consider the fact that because of some corrupt file you can lose your important data, or this process may affect your SD card, the most desirable process to cope up with this issue is to make a back up for your important data.

Step to Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262

Prerequisite :

1. All the steps of Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 is only for this specific model, every handset may differ in rooting process.

2. Make sure about the availability of drivers in your computer.

3. Rooting may affect your data so the desirable practice is to backing up your important data.

4. Make sure about the battery level, which should be minimum 80%.

5. Make sure about the reliability of system you are using for this rooting process, it maybe your laptop or desktop, but consider the power break down factor and other issues which may affect your rooting process.

Steps involve in Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 :

1. Make a copy file to your external memory or internal memory after downloading the framaroot application from any trusted source, before downloading make sure about the viruses and corrupt files, as it will affect your rooting process.

2. Under the application setting go for enable option before start Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262.

3. Just like other application installing process, simply go to the folder where you make a copy of that file and start installing it.

4. Once the installation process is complete simply open the application, just like the others application.

5. Select Install Super Su and Gandalf exploit.

6. During this Root Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 process your device will be rebooted.

7. Once the installation is complete you will get a pop up on your screen asking for reboot your device.

Completion of these all process will complete your rebooting process, know start enjoying high functions of your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262. Thanks for reading how to root samsung galaxy core i8262.