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The process to Root Sony Xperia Neo L generally involves backing up your phone data & software and then flashing, finally,  rooting or installing a new custom version of Operating System. However, before we jump straight to the steps, please keep in mind that rooting your phone will lead its warranty to be void, it might also produce some security issue.

How to Root Sony Xperia Neo L

The very first thing you need to do is charge your phone upto 100% as the rooting process requires a lot of battery power. Secondly, since you will be rooting from a Personal computer (PC), make sure to install the Xperia driver on your pc and enable the USB debugging on your phone. Third action would be to take backup of your data i.e. contacts, SMSs etc. Lastly download the

1.MT11i_4.1.A.0.562_kernel.ftf (kernel neo v)

2. MT25i_4.1.B.0.631_KERNEL ONLY.ftf

3. DooMLord Rooting Tools.

4. Flash Tools (Compatible to the version of your Computer’s windows)

Steps to Root Sony Xperia Neo L :

1. Run the Flash tool exe file and install it on a drive, the general installation will lead it to be installed in Drive C. After the installation is done move “MT11i_4.1.A.0.562_kernel.ftf” and “MT25i_4.1.B.0.631_KERNEL ONLY.ftf” which you have already downloaded to the Firmwares folder in C drive (C:/FlashTool/Firmwares)

2. Right click on the flash tool icon and run it as an administrator.

3. Once the flash tool has opened click on the thunder icon on the top left corner of the window and select Flash mode.

4. Choose MT11i_4.1.A.0.562_kernel.ftf kernel. You will be prompted to connect the phone to the PC.

5. The next step would be – turning off your phone while holding the back key and connecting the original data cable. Please make sure to use the original one otherwise unnecessary problems might arise.

6. Once you are done with Step 5. Flashing will now continue and a “device connected in Flash mode” will show up once the flashing is done.

7. Once the flashing is done, close the flashtool and unplug the USB from your phone and turn on your phone in 5 seconds. Your phone will start vibrating but there won’t be anything on the screen.

8. Reconnect your phone to your PC by plugging back the USB and run “runme.bat” file in the DommLord folder which you have downloaded in the beginning. Follow all the instruction, finally it shows “All Done” on your PC.

9. Unplug the cable along with the battery from your Neo L and wait for around 5 seconds then plug the battery and cable back

10. Once again open flashtool on your PC and follow step 2 to step 8 again, only this time at step 4 choose MT25i_4.1.B.0.631_KERNEL ONLY.ftf.

You will know you have successfully Root Sony Xperia Neo L once you see the “Superuser Icon” on the home screen. This is all about how to Root Sony Xperia Neo L.