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Most people who own websites or are working on website content are in need of free images. Words without images do not capture the attention of the targeted readers. It has been seen that, images have a way of increasing the saleabilty of any content, especially online. Today most websites have innovative ways and means to use images in order to get their message across to their readers. If you wish to find sources of free images online, here are some helpful tips:

You might be using the Google search which is the popular tool to find images online. However, you need to keep in mind that not all images found on a Google search will be free of copyright issues.

Unsplash is one such site that has several high resolution photographs hosted for free images. You can download the free images and even subscribe to their newsletter
by which you will get ten new photos in your inbox everyday. If you are working on different website content, this site will surely prove to be an invaluable resource.

The Life library of Google has many historical photographs that are given out for free. You can specifically mention life in your Google search queries in order to find free images from this database service. However, these free images are meant for non commercial use and hence, be careful before you put these images on a commercial website.

If you are on the lookout for free images that you can put to commercial use, look at Picjumbo. This is a site that has several high resolution photos which can be downloaded for personal or commercial use. The free images are hosted and uploaded by the site owner himself and he asks for proper attribution in return.

There are several library sources where you will find free images for your use. These include flickr account of the British Library, Pixabay, public domain archives,
Wikimedia and others. In order to make your search fast, find sites that have the images listed as per categories or where you can search quickly using keywords.

If you are on the lookout for vintage photographs you can find them on a site called New Old Stock. IM Free is another great site which provides access to a curated collection.

Other sites which act as great sources of free images are Getty Images, Morgue File, Public Domain Photos and Photo Pin.

These are some of the reliable sources for free images online.