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Do you know that sponsored blog posts can help you to make some pretty cool cash? Writing blog sponsored reviews is another method of increasing your revenue. There are so many writing platforms that encourage sponsored blog posts activity. These websites often allow people to make extra money while using their writing expertise.

List of Sponsored Review Websites That Pay You To Blog


SponsoredReviews provides the best platform for both publishers as well as advertisers. The publishers may search for open tasks as well as advertisers may search for the right blog that meets their requirement.


From research and feasibility study, PayPerPost has been discovered as one of the most well known sponsored blog posts platform present for people to make money. If you are a blog publisher then PayPerPost will be the good choice.Join in PayPerPost network is completely free. You will have to search for tasks that suits to your blog, follow the instructions provided by the advertisers and then write the article for the same and post it in your own blog. It is important to know that payment is done in accordance to the PayPerPost rules and regulations.


Another website on the list is ReviewMe. ReviewMe is also well known just like PayPerPost, but their operations are different. Once you sign up as publisher on ReviewMe, there is no possibility of searching for open tasks as in PayPerPost. It is the responsibility for advertisers to search for publishes. They often do this by looking for the best publisher blog that satisfy their requirement. Once an advertiser found a publisher that meets the basic requirement, such is offered writing tasks.



Research has shown that PayU2Blog remain a small platform in the sponsored review marketplace. Publishers are offered paid posting tasks on a weekly basis. This is always through the profile created by the publisher.


Research has shown that both PayPerPost and SocialSpark are from one company. They have a different mode of operation. This means that there will be no question that the posts as part of the review program are being paid for. Another goal of the SocialSpark platform is that advertisers can easily select bloggers to help in promoting their websites. The named website remains a top-notch social media-like platform. You can give it a try.